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5 Mattress Myths You Should Know

Over the years you have probably heard many myths related to mattresses. And maybe, when you decided to buy a mattress you had in mind one or more of these myths. The most important thing you can do before deciding to buy a new mattress is to make your research and be able to separate facts from what other people say. Most of the questions you’ve heard: What is the life expectancy for a mattress? A firm mattress is the best for your back?


We have listed here 5 of the most popular mattress myths.


Mattress Myth 1: Always choose a firm mattress.

In general, mattresses can be classified into three main categories: soft mattresses, medium firm mattresses and very firm mattresses. Most of the times, soft mattresses will conform to the shape of your body, failing to give you the necessary support for the entire body. A very firm mattress is able to offer a good support, but it is not comfortable enough. On the other hand, medium firm mattress is the most balanced combination between comfort and support.


Even though there is nothing unusual with a firm mattress, many people still consider it is the best type of mattress that provides great support.


Mattress Myth 2 – The life expectancy of a mattress does not exceed 8 years.

The vast majority of people consider that you should replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years; this is not a correct belief, because the life of a mattress is variable, also depending on the mattress manufacturer or brand. The life expectancy can increase considerably if you take good care of the mattress, how much do you sleep on it and also how much activity do you have during the night.

The life of a mattress depends a lot on how you feel and how much good sleep you are able to get. If at some point, your mattress fails to deliver a good support and comfort, you know it’s time for buying a new one.





Mattress Myth 3: A higher price means a better mattress.

Another misconception when it comes to mattresses is that if you increase the price, then quality of the mattress will be higher. Even though most expensive mattresses are made with higher quality materials, you should research different beds and choose the most comfortable mattress for you. You will see that there are other cost-effective mattresses on the market that can provide the necessary level of comfort.


Mattress Myth 4: Replace the mattress, but not the box spring.

Another myth is related to the replacement of the box spring. People say that when you replace the mattress you should keep the box spring; this is not entirely true. A mattress and a box spring are aging together, and for this reason they should be replaced in the same time. If you want a good foundation for your bed, you should consider in purchasing also a box spring. This combination is a key for a good night’s sleep.


Mattress Myth 5: You can use the mattress until it sags.

Sagging can be a clear sign that your mattress is old, but there are other indicators that point out that your mattress is worn out; restless sleep, weird noises, back aches – all these can be a signal of an old mattress. Studies have shown that you should replace a mattress every five to seven years in order to get a comfortable and restful sleep.

If you want to buy a new mattress, you should consider these mattress myths in order to make the right choice.





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