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5 Sleep Remedies

The lack of sleep can determine a lot of health problems and for this reason sleep is essential, because it’s helping our body to rest and heal. In this context, we should seek useful ways to improve the quality of our sleep. There are many people who can’t sleep or get enough sleep, but fortunately they have some natural sleep remedies that can help the whole process of getting more qualitative sleep. If you make some important lifestyle changes, the lack of sleep will disappear. By using the following sleep aids, you will get the sleep that you need and you will wake up refreshed.


Natural Sleep Aids

A regular sleep combined with the following sleep aids will make a big difference in your sleeping routine.


  1. Food is the best medicine

We all know that eating before sleep can cause you indigestion or other stomach issues that can cause you a poor rest, but thankfully there are some foods that can really  help you sleep better at night. This doesn’t mean that you need to add more calories into your dinner, but you can eat these foods before bed. Foods like fish, jasmine rice, yogurt, bananas and chickpeas can turn into the perfect before sleep snack.


  1. Consume Calcium

Researchers have shown that the levels of calcium are at their highest during our REM sleep period. If you are unable to reach to a REM sleep, this means that you don’t have a proper level of calcium in your body. This may affect your sleep cycle. Calcium is really important because it helps the brain to create a natural sleep aid that is called melatonin. In order to cover your calcium deficiency, you should try a glass of goat milk or kefir. You will soon see the improvements.


  1. Magnesium is the key

Another cause for your lack of sleep could be magnesium deficiency. Researchers pointed out that higher levels of magnesium can determine a better and deeper sleep; this can be improved when combined with calcium. Foods like spinach or pumpkin seeds are the best alternatives, since they are full of magnesium.


  1. Essential Oils – A Must Have for Sleep

Essential oils are considered a natural method for almost everything, including sleep. Most of the medications provided are causing some side effects; on the other hand, essential oils do not cause such adverse reactions. A study conducted in the US has shown that aromatherapy with essential oil is a great natural treatment for those cancer patients that can’t sleep properly. 92% of the patients admitted that they would continue to use this a method for inducing sleep. Lavender oil, bergamot oil, mandarin oil, sandalwood – all these are very useful in aromatherapy and they can determine you to sleep better at night.


  1. Passion Flower – A Calm and Peaceful Sleep

Passion flower has many benefits, especially when it comes to sleep. Most of the times, passion flower induces a calm and anti-anxiety effect. It is considered one of the most powerful natural sleep aid that can reduce anxiety. This is could be perfect when you just cannot seem able to rest and clear your mind. Because it’s good for reducing anxiety, passion flower can provide you the necessary calm you to stop your inner thoughts. You can’t  miss with passion flower. The effects are 100% present.

All these natural remedies that you can use for better sleep can be combined at the same time in order to enhance these effects and getting a great sleep. Surely in a few weeks you will feel the beneficial effects and you'll feel all energized and refreshed.

What natural remedies for sleep did you use?





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