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9 Signs It's Time You Need A New Mattress

Deciding to buy a new mattress is a big deal, especially when your mattress does not seem to have any problems. In this case, you should pay attention to some clear indicators that can tell you if your mattress should be changed.

Here you can find our suggestions.


  1. You move a lot during the night

If you are one of those people who move often during the night, this could be a clear sign that your mattress does not have the right firmness, therefore you should consider replacing it with a new one.

  1. You can hear some noise in your mattress

If you own an innerspring mattress and you begin to hear a weird sound that comes from the box spring, maybe you should start your research for a new mattress.


  1. Your mattress has a sagging issue

This is the most common issue for the mattress industry. If you begin to see your body outline on the surface of the mattress this means that your mattress does not provide you the necessary support anymore. This may also cause you uncomfortable backaches. In case you experience this, you can start to look after a new mattress.


  1. You get poor sleep

If you don’t wake up refreshed on a daily basis, this could be a clear sign that your mattress is not good enough. This could happen for various reasons, like sagging or pain in the pressure points of your body, which leaves you sleep deprived and unhappy.


  1. You experience back pain

If you experience back pain very often this could mean that your mattress is not providing the right level of support. One of the primary reasons for this is that your current mattress is too soft and it practically makes you sink each time you lay down. In this case, you will need a firmer mattress, ideally one that has medium-hard firmness.

  1. You started to feel lumps and bumps during the night

At some point your current mattress can become lumpy and bumpy and it does not provide you the right support for your back. This can be determined by the lumps created inside the mattress that are caused often due to the fact that your mattress is old or maybe because it does not have the right density. Usually this occurs with mattresses that have a very poor quality where the filling is not distributed evenly.


  1. Springs are broken

Innerspring mattresses have a great durability, but in some case the springs can be damaged after some time. If you hear that your bed is making weird sounds and you feel that this affects your sleeping routine, you think about investing in a new mattress in order to improve the quality of your sleep.

  1. You are getting older
    You will also notice that as you get older, you will feel the need to purchase a new mattress, especially a firm one, because this will ameliorate your back pain that comes with aging.

  1. Your mattress is older than 7 years

Another reason for considering buying a new mattress is that it reached more than 7 years. After all this time, at some point, your mattress will lose some of its characteristics that it had when you first bought it. If your mattress is not providing the desired level of comfort and support maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

All these useful signs that it’s time to buy a new mattress depend a lot from person to person.
Eventually, your personal preferences are what matter most.





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