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About Latex Pillows

We all had those dreams in which we lay on clouds. Dreams like these are nice, but dreams that become reality are better. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and should treat sleep with much caution and respect. It is important that we offer ourselves the best chances of sleeping well in order to be fully rested and capable of tackle the next day.


 What are the variables that go into a good night of sleep? Well, besides a great mattress and comfortable sheets, the next thing we spend, if not all, much of our sleeping hours is the pillow.


Studies showed that a good pillow can help us sleep better, by making us more comfortable during sleep. A comfortable and healthy position is when our back follows its natural curvature when sleeping, be it either if we are back sleepers, side sleepers, or, although less recommended, stomach sleepers. Besides the support that the pillow offers it is important to consider how breathable it is, and what feeling it has for us- soft, springy, stiff.



A good pillow, that doesn’t come at a high cost, but has great qualities for improving sleep is a latex pillow. A good latex pillow should be a safe investment and in the following we will find out some of its qualities.

From what is made a latex pillow?

Latex pillows are made out of, as the name suggests, latex. The latex that is used in the process of producing the pillow can be:

  • Organic (which we recommend) - comes from the sap of rubber trees. Such a pillow has the added bonus that it feels less chemical and more natural.
  • Synthetic- has a specific smell of rubber in the first months of usage. If you can live with the smell it will wear off as the time goes by.

Some latex pillows are advertised as hypoallergenic- this is partly true, in the way that dust mites don’t consume latex, and mold won’t form into it. Dust mites do consume dead skin cells and, if you use the pillow for too much time, there is a great possibility they will appear. Also, some people suffer from latex allergies, if this is the case for you, considering such a pillow is not a choice.


Is it supportive?

Latex pillows offer great support and comfort, being able to maintain their form all night long, and can adapt to the way you move your body through the night.

Is it breathable?

When a latex pillow is manufactured, tiny holes are made into the material. These holes provide air flow and make moisture disperse. Few owners of latex pillows complain about heating problems.

For how long can I use one?

Latex pillows are known for their durability. A good pillow can easily last you 5 years-it does not require washing and can hold its original shape for long time. We recommend tough to change your pillow every two-three years for hygienic reasons.


What cost does owning one imply?

Buying a latex pillow represents a bigger investment that on normal pillows, but not too much. With the average price coming at around 40-50$, a latex pillow offers a great deal for the buck’.


If you want to improve your sleep and hope to do so without spending a big sum of money, a latex pillow is right for you. Obtained from natural sources such a pillow will offer many years of dream-like sleep.





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