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All You Need To Know About Innerspring Mattresses

You definitely know that innerspring mattresses are probably the most popular mattresses for the following reasons. First of all, they are quite familiar for the consumer, since it was used many years ago. Also, they are many options available on the market, with good prices. Another reason for the popularity of innerspring mattresses is that they ensure a great balance between firmness and comfort and they are perfect for lovers.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of innerspring mattresses is that they have an average durability. Nevertheless, this can be overcome by purchasing a mattress topper that will increase its longevity. The innerspring mattresses are composed from many coils that provide support. The comfort surface is usually made from materials that have usually memory foam in its composition.

Facts About Innerspring Mattress

One of the big pluses of innerspring mattresses is that they have a great availability. They can be found in very mattress store and even online. When it comes to client satisfaction, innerspring mattress provides an average, since clients are more oriented in purchasing a memory foam mattress or latex mattress. As previously shown, the durability of an innerspring mattress is not that high, but it can be improved by adding a mattress topper on it.

The prices for an innerspring mattress are quite decent. They can vary from $100 to $2000, based on the design and the materials that were used. Innerspring mattresses provide a great level of support and often relieve back pain. Moreover, it has the ability to mold and conform to the shape of your body. When it comes to firmness, usually the most popular innerspring mattresses are the ones that have a medium firmness, but you can find other levels of firmness.



Types of Innerspring Mattress Coils

There are four major types of coils: pocket, continuous, bonnell/open and offset.

  1. Pocket Coil

The coils are the most famous types of innerspring mattresses coils; they are covered in fabric and it ensures a great distribution of support.

  1. Continuous Coils

Continuous coils are usually used for lower priced innerspring mattresses. This type consists in coil rows that are connected through a wire and it’s considered very durable because the coils are quite integrated.

  1. Bonnell / Open Coils

These coils have the shape of a hour glass and are used innerspring mattresses that have various prices. The main advantage of Bonnell/Open coils is that they provide a great durability.

  1. Offset coils

Offset coils are used for innerspring mattresses that have higher prices due to the fact that they offer more support and comfort.

Materials for the Comfort Layer

There are several materials used for the comfort layer; for instance, Polyurethane (regular) foam is highly used, but it’s not very durable. Polyester material or cotton is also used in order to provide a great level of softness. Other materials used are Gel-infused polyurethane (regular) foam or gel infused memory foam – these are used in small quantity and for a limited number of innerspring mattresses; the comfort layer of a innerspring mattress can be composed also from memory foam, that is often used in hybrid mattresses; it provide a great level of comfort and softness.


Buying Tips for Innerspring Mattresses

If you decide to purchase an innerspring mattress try to choose a mattress that has the comfort layer separately. In this way, you will be able to ensure a better durability, not to mention that the costs will be friendlier. Also, we advise you to buy a firm innerspring mattress, because usually a firm mattress will avoid sagging problems; on the other hand they are cost-effective.



If you want to add extra softness to your innerspring mattress you should consider also purchasing a mattress topper. This could be a win-win deal, because you get a durable mattress with good comfort with the best price.

Innerspring mattresses are great.

If you have not purchased one yet, it might be the case now.





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