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Benefits Of Sleeping Alone

From a historical perspective it can be noticed that it was quite uncommon in the past to share a bed with someone. Just after the industrial revolution, spouses began to share the same bed due to the fact that they didn’t had enough space.


Sleeping all by yourself has some positive benefit that you can’t neglect. Here you can find our top 10 reasons why you should sleep alone.


To all you solo snoozers, those whose other half may be on an overnight hiatus from sharing the sheets, and to those who find themselves facing many nights alone after a breakup – this is for you. Avoid bedroom arguments over hogging the sheets, snoring, rolling to the wrong side of the bed and being touched by cold feet, here are our top 10 reasons why sleeping alone can be bliss.


  1. Say NO to noise – Snoring, coughing, sneezing, loud breathing; all things you have the potential to hear and keep you awake when sharing your bed. When you sleep alone, you will be the only one snoring and you can’t hear that when you are sleeping soundly.
  2. Temperature regulation – Body heat and cold feet. Whether your snuggle buddy sleeps hot or cold, if their desired sleep temperature is opposite yours, you may be forced to compromise. When it comes to sleep, do you really want to compromise? One sleeper, one temp, one great night’s sleep.
  3. Roll over and stretch – Being able to stretch yourself out across your bed sounds like freedom to us. When you don’t have to share the mattress, there’s nothing in your way, you can wiggle, toss yourself around, flip yourself over and kick off your covers – anything you want to do to get comfortable through the night. Of course, if you find yourself moving around that much every night to get comfortable, it may be time for a new mattress.
  4. Sleep schedules – If you and your sleep companion have mismatched body clocks, a serious sleep struggle may ensue. A night owl and a morning bird can keep each other from reaching their desired amount of sleep. The owl keeping up the bird when the moon is high in the sky and the bird chirping as the sun rises makes for one grumpy owl in the morning. When you’re the only invite to your bed, you can be the owl or you can be the bird, whichever works for you.
  5. Fashion freedom – If you want to wear your favorite, smelly sweatshirt with the mustard stain from last week, no one will judge you.

Sleeping sans pajamas won’t send any mixed signals to a sleeping partner and you can snooze in the buff in peace.

  1. Smells – Nothing is worse than waking up to stinky morning breath in your face, or a partner who says good morning by passing gas.
  2. When you wake up in bed alone, the only bad smell you need to worry about is your own and we can all stand the smell of our own brand.
  3. Blanket battles –Tossing and turning, pulling and burning up. Trying to regulate your sleep environment temperature and comfort can be a constant battle when you share the sheets. No more yanking and tugging when the blankets are yours alone.
  4. Bedroom etiquette –You don’t have to be a lady or a gentlemen when you sleep unaccompanied. Enjoy the freedom without feeling the guilt or stomach ache of holding in what’s natural.
  5. Sleep anywhere, anytime – Sleep sideways, upside down, starfish in the middle of the mattress or pass out on the couch during your Netflix binge. No sleeping pal, no rules. The freedoms are endless.
  6. Bad habits are welcome – When you don’t have to share your bed, the possibilities are infinite. You can eat in bed, stretch out from end to end, clean your sheets whenever you want, wear your favorite smelly t-shirt to sleep in, or let one rip under the covers guilt free. You’re a loan sleep soldier, ready for the war. The only enemy you have to battle is yourself to make sure you get enough sleep.




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