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Best Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are probably the most popular mattresses of other mattresses from the market. If you are one of the persons who decided to go for an innerspring mattress, we will provide you a useful guideline on purchasing this type of mattress.

What do you need to know about an innerspring mattress

One of the first things that you should know about an innerspring mattress is that this  type has numerous coils in its structure that provide a great support. Usually, an innerspring mattress consists in three main parts: the support layer, the comfort layer, and the fabric cover.

  1. Support Layer

The support layer is the most important part of the mattress because it provides the necessary support during sleeping. This part consists thousands of spring coils; also, this part determined the price range of the innerspring mattress based on the structure of the coils.

  1. Comfort Layer

The layer that covers the support layer is called comfort layer and is made from various materials, like foam, polyurethane foam, visco-elastic, gel memory foam, or latex.


  1. Fabric Cover

The final layer of the innerspring mattress is the fabric cover, that is on the surface of the mattress; it covers the support and the comfort layer and it is made from cotton, silk, wool or rayon, most the times in combination with polyester.



Types of Innerspring Mattress Coils

An innerspring mattress has four main types of coils in its structure:

  1. Continuous Coils

Continuous coils are made from several rows that are connected to a steel wire that determines the length and also the width of the mattress. This type of coil is often used for innerspring mattresses that have a lower or medium price.

  1. Pocket Spring

The pocket springs are consisting in numerous coils that are covered in a fabric; in comparison with the continuous coils, they offer a greater level of support and durability.

  1. Open Coils

Open coils are also called Bonnell coils and they are considered one of the oldest spring coils. This system is often used in cheaper innerspring mattresses; the coils have the shape of an hourglass and they are laced together in order to form the support layer. Even though they provide durability and support, they are rated lower than the others exposed before.

  1. Offset Coils

Offset coils have the similar structure to the Bonnell coils and they provide better support but are the most expensive coils.

Coil Count

The coil count refers to the number of the existing coils. The most common number of coils is around 500 pieces; the quality of innerspring mattresses increases based on the number of coils, for example, models that have more than 2000 coils are considered the best. Even though the price is higher for a mattress that has more than 2000 coils, this type provides the necessary level of support. Besides the number of coils, you should consider also the coil gauge.

Coil Gauge

One of the most important factors when it comes to the innerspring mattress is related to the level of firmness. In this context, the coil gauge is extremely relevant because it measures the thickness of the coils and if the figure is lower than spring will be thicker. For instance, an innerspring mattress that has a coil gauge of 12 is considered firm and one that has 14 is considered to have a great level of softness. We think that the best range will be somewhere between 13 and 13.5, for a medium-firm innerspring mattress.

In conclusion, when deciding in purchasing an innerspring mattress you should check the following things: if it provides a support level that suits your needs, if the comfort layer is suitable for you, if it has the desired level of softness, you should also check the number of coils and nevertheless, the coil gauge that indicates the level of firmness that you want.





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