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Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain – A Buyer's Guide

 Waking up with back pain is a common problem among Americans; for example, experts in the field have shown that more than 31 million Americans are suffering from back pain and they usually feel stiff after the moment in which they wake up. In most of the cases, this unnecessary discomfort can be avoided by increasing the quality of mattress and choose one that is able to relief back pain. 

Most of times, if you sleep on the wrong mattress you will experience the most terrible back pain. The lack of support is also affecting your sleeping posture, it strains your muscles and it does not keep your spine in alignment; all these can contribute to your back pain.

Your sleep comfort is also sacrificed is the mattress does not match your personal preferences. When you decide to buy a new mattress look for one that provides both back support and comfort that is allowing your spine to rest; this type of mattress will reduce substantially your back pain.

Since there is a great variety on the market place, sometimes is hard to find the right mattress. This practical guide will give you some useful tips that you can use, especially when you are dealing with lower back pain. As mentioned before, for this type of condition a mattress who provides both sleep comfort and back support is considered the best.

Personal preference

On of the most important factors in deciding which mattress is right is your personal preference, because there is no particular mattress that is suitable for all people who suffer from lower back pain. The typical patients will lower back pain has the possibility to choose any mattress that is fulfilling his personal preferences and of course is able to allow them to get a satisfying sleep.

Understanding the elements of the mattress

Another factor that can help you in choosing the right mattress is understanding the structure of the mattress. For example, the springs from a innerspring mattress provide a great support. The thickness of the mattress padding can be also a factor that you should take into consideration. Also, the depth place an important role; all these elements should be chosen based on the personal preferences.

Back support

If you are dealing with a chronic back pain try to look after a mattress that will provide you back support. In most of the cases, a good mattress is the one that offers you support for your spine. Studies have shown that in general a medium-firm mattress has the necessary attributes to relief back pain.

Balance between comfort and back support

Also, you should try to find a good balance between comfort and back support. Both these characteristics are utterly important. For instance, if you sleep on a very firm mattresses most probably you will wake up with a deep pain on your pressure points and spine. Nevertheless, if you choose a firmer mattress you can seek also for a thicker padding that will provide you  additional comfort.

As previously shown, sleeping on an wrong mattress can determine several complications and keeps you from getting a good night sleep. In this case, you can start looking for a mattress that can provide you a great back support that will keep your spine in the right position. In addition to this back support, you should also seek a mattress that will provide you comfort; in this way you will be able to get a perfect sleep.  I am sure that this is what you want.

Good luck with your research!





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