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Polyurethane, Memory or Latex Foam?

Latex foam, memory foam and Polyurethane foam are the most common materials from which mattresses are made. Nowadays, people buy mostly mattresses that are made from Polyurethane foam and memory foam; on the other hand, latex products are used less, but it is considered the best of foam, especially for mattress toppers.


Here you will find a practical comparison of these three materials and what advantages they can offer.


  1. Latex Foam

Latex foam can be produced from natural latex, that is actually the sap of the rubber tree or it can be produced synthetically, from different chemicals. One of the main advantages of latex foam is that is provides a great support and it does not make you sink in the mattress. Another great advantage is that it has a long durability and it can last up to 15 years if it is kept in a proper environment. Latex foam makes a great material for mattress topper, by adding an extra level of support and comfort to your existing mattress.



  1. Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is one of the cheapest materials used for mattress and it is made from chemicals; it is considered to have the lowest quality when it comes to mattresses, but it has some advantages that cannot be neglected.


For instance, it can be easily carried and it can also be used as a layer to an existing mattress. Also, it can provide an extra level of comfort and support, but not the same as latex foam or memory foam. In most of the cases, polyurethane foam tends to break more quicker if pressure is applied on its surface.


You will find many different types of polyurethane foam on the market with different densities. Usually, polyurethane foam has a higher density and therefore is more durable than other types. Regardless of its density, the biggest disadvantage of polyurethane foam is that it will degrade faster than other materials used for mattresses.


  1. Memory Foam

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam or tempurpedic foam, commonly known as memory foam is actually polyurethane foam combined with several chemicals that change its composition, making it more adjustable to the body shape. One of the best improvements of memory foam is that it’s denser than the other types and its quality it’s higher, which makes it a little bit more expensive. Consumers believe that a memory foam mattress provide less support than a latex foam mattress, and for this reason most of them buy an extra mattress topper for their memory foam mattress.


Another advantage of memory foam is that it reacts to heat by absorbing it; for this reason the surface of a memory foam mattress gets softer. Another aspect that you should take into consideration when searching for a memory foam mattress is density. Usually, memory foam that has a higher density is more durable and it’s more qualitative than the other types.


Personal preferences matter most

After comparing all these types of foam we can say that what matters most in choosing the best option are your personal preferences. Each type has its certain characteristics and features and before deciding what is best for your mattress, you can make your research in advance.


What type of mattress you've bought last time?


Are you satisfied with it?





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