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Ear plugs - gold and damages

People who live in big cities, even near roads fully understand how difficult it is sometimes to sleep under noise from the street. And some men snore. Ear plugs can  help you to stop that. These tiny silicon devices to prevent hearing gradually become a fashion accessory, suitable for street office for concerts and parties. Plugs reduce noise to such an extent that it stops irritating. So calm sleep or focus on work or learning become completely possible. The average earplugs can reduce noise by 20-40 dB. As a rule, it's enough to annoying sounds are not heard, and a person could normally sleep.

Earplugs are harmful or not?

For many, the question arises, whether harmful earplugs if they are frequently used? The main thing after each use they must be treated with disinfectant solutions or wash with soap and water, not to enter into the ears of the bacteria. And still, do not need to make an effort at "insertion" of these funds in order not to damage the inner ear tissue.

But some doctors, when asked whether the earplugs are harmful, said the following:

  • You can use them only when necessary, as more likely to disrupt the microflora of the inner ear;

  • Also it can be a psychological dependence on them, at which it will be difficult without them.

Positive aspects of earplugs:

Softness. The earplugs to sleep, we spend 6-8 hours, so it is necessary that they have the ear canal minimum pressure. Otherwise, in the morning you are guaranteed discomfort or even pain in the ear. Therefore softness - one of the most important qualities of earmolds.

Shape memory. Before we plunge into the ear earplugs, they should be compressed, so that they turned into a small tube. It is important that they quickly reduced form, adapting to every curve of the auditory meatus.

Hygienic. Ear plugs are disposable and reusable. Of course, sleep is easier to buy the latest. However, in this case during use is important to make sure that not too inserts were contaminated, such as earwax.

Sound barrier. How to protect yourself from noise

Ideally, the end of the earplugs should be very few rise above the ear canal, and in any case, does not go beyond the boundaries of the pinna.


Negative sides of earplugs

Impacted Ear Wax

While the movement is imperceptible to most, earwax drains from your ears on a daily basis. Frequent or prolonged usage of earplugs may affect the ear's ability to drain properly. If earwax may lead to side effects such as tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.  Other effects include hearing loss, discharge, pain or infection. To prevent this, you should regularly clean the ears when you remove ear plugs.  One way to do this is to drop one to two drops of olive oil into your ear canal daily in order to remove any wax buildup. Be sure to clean and replace your ear plugs.

Muffled Hearing

It is important to wear earplugs only when necessary. If you work with machinery for your occupation and are required to wear them, be sure to remove the ear plugs. Remember that frequent removal can loosen the plugs, however, and they may not provide as much protection as they once did.

Ear Infections

If you do not properly and often clean your ear plugs, bacteria can develop on them and this is especially true for ear plugs made of foam, which provides a hospitable environment for bacteria.

Although it is often said that the earplugs are harmful, but these rumors have not been confirmed. So feel free to use these achievements of modern medicine.





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