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Eating in bed

Should we eat and make calls in bed?

The bed is long gone, what it once was. Previously, the rules were clear: on the mattress slept. Today, however, we do almost everything in bed except sleep: We read, check our e-mails, phone calls, watch movies, have sex, shopping, and now and then we eat our meals here. Going to bed no longer means that the day is over, for many begins the creating rich time here only to. The French singer Sébastien Tellier, for example, composes his songs prefer lying. Even Xavier de Moulins, writer, and journalist, wrote his novels in bed. The world between dream and reality seems to inspire our energies, let us be productive on an intoxicating way. Who could then, after such imaginative hours, say no to breakfast? And where it is eaten? In bed, of course.


Eating in bed is one of the worst habits that actually allow you to balance your digestion. It should not eat too fast or in motion - and in a relaxing atmosphere. In fact - what more relaxing out of bed ?!


According to British food is the bed is the oldest stupid habit in the bedroom. According to 38% of Britons, it is a sure sign of separation if your partner eats in bed on the first date or have a bunch of dirty dishes on the night table.


Midnight meal in bed also has become a habit for many people. But they may not realize what can harm him. For this, we present a few reasons that you quit this activity.


The first snack in the middle of the night is bad for your teeth. You love to eat chocolate in bed, but always lazy then go to brush your teeth. What are the consequences? Or should you walk through the month of a dentist or you have to say goodbye to them. What are the consequences? Or should you walk through the month of the dentist or very early you have to say goodbye to them.


Moreover, breakfast at 2 at night is especially hazardous to your weight. You think like snacking on a packet of pretzels or snack, it will not harm you? If it happened accidentally really does, but if it is your regular number, you need to think about.


Eating at night will surely break your regimen sleeping and your biological clock. Once you get used to doing midnight snacks in bed every time you wake up hungry at the same time and will want to eat something. And if you overdo eating sleep then you will be difficult.


Perhaps the greatest damage, however, midnight meal applied to your digestive system. When we eat something just before bedtime, our bodies can not handle it well. This is especially harmful to people with heartburn. Even worse is if you eat in the supine position because it infringes the connection between the esophagus and stomach.


Even if you don’t have a TV in your bedroom, chances to eat in bed are big because all we have laptops or smart gadgets. Most people know to take their dishes to the sink, but in the extreme cases, it’s like their bed is their dining room and if they don’t clean up, there are a lot of bugs. So what will happen when you leave traces of snacking between the sheets?  Probably it will come to the most common creepy crawlers are ants and cockroaches. Here we can give you some advice: just don’t put the TV in the bedroom, keep the bedroom as a sacred place where you go to rest, wash your sheets every three days.


Just as eating in front of your laptop, television, or even over a good read takes away from the experience of actually enjoying your food, eating in bed is likely to be paired with some other mindless activity. Enjoy dinner at the dinner table. Turn off all devices and become one with your food.





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