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Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

If you experience back pains right after you get out of bed, you toss and turn during the night and simply could not find the right spot, you are disturbed by the movements of your sleeping partner or just feel painful pressure in some parts of your body during your sleep, you might consider memory foam mattresses, the latest innovation that the mattress industry came with.

The foam concept is not that old, it was designed for the first time in 1960 for Nasa airplane seats, made from a substance called viscoelastic. This structure molds to the body’s heat and returns to its original form after the pressure goes away.



Long after, the foam mattresses were excessively used in medical issues, such like x ray table pads or hospital beds, having in mind that the mattresses that they had, on a long period of time that the patients spent in bed for recovery, were putting pressure over some body regions that decreased or stopped the blood flow, causing sores and gangrene.  Foam was also used in the sports field, for the footballer’s helmets.

They’re called memory foam mattress today because after you first use them, you imprint your body shape into them and when you get out of bed, they return to initial form but tend to form immediately at your shape when you come back the other night. A great advantage that they provide is that they do that in its entire surface, having no motion transfer and simply adapting to you and your partner. We do have a particular sleep position and the memory foam mattress adapts to us all.


The latest innovation in the mattress matter, foam relieves painful pressure points, providing great support  along the curves and natural lines of your body being much denser, being used especially by the ones that had back problems or problems with the blood flow. Orthopedic mattresses were presented right after they came out on the market as making you feel like billions of little springs supporting you but the pressure points are reduced up to 80%.

The range of products continues to expand and now you can find different kind of mattresses that have aromatherapy features, having in their construction therapeutical substances such as Aloe Vera, green tea extract, activated charcoal and other. Also, their cell structure provide breathability and make you really comfortable during your sleep.


From the various kinds that you can find in stores you should find the one that adapts to the form and weight of your body and has really great adaptability for your body temperature.

There has been a constant debate between customers if those mattresses really are a piece of heaven or not.  It seems that you can’t have it all and you are taking some risks when you buy a memory foam mattress.  It is a bit expensive and you pay as much money as the quality and number of features grows, but you make a short term investment because memory foam mattresses tend to lose their shape fast.



They are not recommended for unaired rooms for they are made of pretty toxic materials and without airing the room, the odors might affect your immunity system and your brain cells. Also, foam is a bit dangerous because it’s inflatable so no open flame around it, nor candle or cigarettes.


Considering both the good parts and the bad ones, you should see which your priorities in your mattress are and if you find out that you’d rather sleep on a piece of cloud, memory foam is the one.





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