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Habits before bedtime

The last thing you do before going to bed a significant impact on your mood and energy levels the next day, as it often determines how well you sleep.

People who have achieved success in their lives understand that it begins and ends with their mental and physical health, which is almost entirely dependent on their sleep. Therefore bedtime there is a key ritual that most successful people respected.


  1. They read

Thus businessmen relax from the busy life and develop their imagination, which has helped further interesting and successful business ideas.

  1. They make a list of tasks

Often, creating a list of tasks for the next day helps to cleanse the mind before sleep. So it can relax at night and be creative in the next day.

  1. They spend time with family

It is important to spend some time with my family, to talk to your partner, with your children or play with the dog. So you can share situations during the day that you are interested or worried and not even get advice, at least you shared your problem.

  1. They consider their day

Many successful people take the time before bedtime to think or to record three things you are grateful that happened that day. "Maintaining" of gratitude reminds people of the progress that have made this day in every aspect of their lives. This in turn serve as the primary way to stay motivated, especially when passing through a period of challenges.

  1. They meditate

Many successful people meditate 10 minutes before bedtime. This is a great way to relax your body and restore peace of mind.

  1. They disconnect with their work

Really successful people do anything but do not think about work before bed.

  1. They go to bed with positive memories

It is easy to fall into the trap of negative situations from the day that you want to have acted otherwise. No matter how bad a day past their successful people usually find a way to avoid pessimistic and try to create a good or fun mood, even a memorial before bedtime.

  1. They represent tomorrow's success

Many successful people devote a few minutes before bedtime to imagine a positive outcome of their future projects on which they work. For most of them this is not a task or exercise and skill they possess.


Here are 6 habit before bedtime which can help you to keep your marriage

  1. Put your hour of bedtime

When you have appointed hour in which you go to bed, it will improve the whole ritual bedtime. So you can put other restrictions that you keep those special moments.

  1. "No" technology

You need to put time after which to disable use technology. So sleep will be much more intimate.

  1. Find time to talk

As soon as you lie down, start talking about the good things that happened to you during the day. Do not talk about the bad things.

  1. Select a time for prayer, meditation or kind words

Whether you are religious, the bedroom is a place to share with each other. It's great at the end of a hard day to hear your partner lists all the things that he loves you.

  1. Flirt, laugh and have fun together

Spend a few hours before bedtime in bed gives you an excellent opportunity to have fun together. These moments allow you to close that you can experience during the day.

  1. Always say "I love you!" for Goodnight

Always before falling asleep should tell your spouse how much he loved and appreciated.





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