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How To Choose The Best Sheets For Your Bed

Spring is knocking again on the seasonal door and with the annual general spring cleaning of the house, the idea to buy new sheets springs in. Buying new sheets is a serious matter, and with prices that can be a burn to the pocket, we have to make sure we buy just the right kind of sheets. It might have been a rough Christmas, with the launch of many new entertaining devices and you’ve emptied your pockets with buying your son the best phone there is and you’re a little tight on the sheet budget, or luck might’ve struck you and you’re the happy winner of a prize at the lottery. Whatever the situation, you’ll find the answer to your new sheets quest in the tips below. Differences like fabric, number of threads, dimensions, thickness and durability set sheets apart.

  1.  Cheap sheets (up to 50$)

Fabric and number of threads: the most common fabric in these kind of sheets is cotton. Although cotton is found at much higher price ranges, the reason we find it here is because the cotton that is used in these sheets is of the cheaper side. The number of threads vary, the greater the number doesn’t necessarily mean better sheets; expect to find bad sheets with high number of threads. The problems with sheets in this price range come right after the first laundering; although good sheets can, if washed properly, last for many, many years, these kind of sheets seem to begin to peel, the stitching comes undone and, after only a few months, holes appear in the fabric.


  1. Middle priced sheets(50$-100$)

Fabric and number of threads: As we discussed in the upper side of the article, the number of threads nowadays is no more the defining trait of a good sheet. In this price range you can find better quality cotton, as well as silk and flannel. As the quality increases so does the durability and you can have a better life expectancy compared to the cheaper sheets. Problems as peeling, or the stitching coming off, should be less frequent and you can enjoy the sheets for a longer period of time.

  1. Expensive sheets(+100$)

Fabric and number of threads: the old saying of spending your money where you spend your time fits perfectly in this price range for sheets; sleeping for 1/3 of our lives, the investment made in good quality sheets will not prove to be a bad one. From silk, to cotton and flannel, expect the best kind of materials. The Egyptian cotton will make you sleep like a pharaoh. In terms of durability, you should expect sheets that are going to last you up to 10 years, if you properly take care of them. No wrinkles, easy washing and antibacterial these sheets offer you a safe investment, both in the quality of your sleep and on your overall health. Be ready to pay a premium for the sheets in this price range, starting from 100$, the price could easily go up to 300, 600, and why not, for a hand-made, Egyptian cotton, with gold stitching, silk and wool fabric sheet, 2400$.

Finding the perfect sheets is not an easy task, considering all the variables that go into a simple sheet. After setting your budget, you can view and set your expectations in the rows above. Ask yourself what are you looking for in a sheet and go full heartedly and buy the one that fits you best.





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