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How to Find the Most Comfortable Mattress

Probably for most people a comfortable mattress is considered an item that is essential for a good night’s sleep and a healthy lifestyle. A mattress is comfortable when you feel a soft touch when lying on it and you do not feel any back pain in the morning. In other words, you are able to wake up refreshed and energized each morning. Maybe you have asked yourself after what exactly you should look when deciding to buy a comfortable mattress?


  1.   Mattress Firmness

If you want a comfortable mattress, you should make a research on mattress firmness. Most of the customers are very satisfied with a medium firm mattress that provides the necessary comfort and support, especially for your back. When searching for the best choice you should make a test first. For instance, when you go at the mattress shop and choose one of the models there, try to lay on it several minutes in order to get a proper feeling of the product. Your position should allow you to rest properly and by being able to do so, you will release tension from your back and your muscles and also make you wake up in the morning completely relaxed and ready for the new day.


  1.   Resistance

You should pick a type of mattress according to how much you weight. This is really important because if you don’t make a good choice, the mattress will begin to lose its firmness long before it was promised.  Usually, spring mattresses usually have a longer life, depending on the thickness of the wire arches and their number.  But there are certain foam or fiber mattresses that are quite resistant and they maintain their form really nice. Actually, a mattress should not deform during time and be able to come back to its initial form after each movement during sleep, finding a balance.

  1.   Size

A mattress should be at least 5” bigger in length than its user. How uncomfortable would it be not to fit into your own bed?  Also it should be wider in width since we move during night around 40 times. It should also be at least 7” thick so it has all the necessary layers for a sustained body.


  1.   Cover

The cover is really important because that is the first contact that you make with the mattress. Be it simple or quilted, it should be feel nice to the touch and be really easy to clean to avoid forming of bacteria. You should go for a double sided mattress both for summer and winter to avoid any trouble and be sure it is made of natural materials. A great cover has a thin layer of foam that gives extra comfort, especially if you are having a spring mattress. You should avoid synthetic materials that give the sensation of overheating during nights, making you sweat and feel like you just cannot find the right sleeping position.


At last, keep in mind that a healthy mattress is one that really is comfortable and will be, for the next several years the source of your morning happiness and energy because a good sleep is the one that favors a good life.


All these characteristics will help you in making the right decision in buying the most comfortable mattress.





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