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How to live properly - correct posture for sleep

We all know that sleep is a state of the body, which is characterized by decreased activity of consciousness, relatively lower sensitivity and inactivity of the majority of skeletal muscle. It is also the time when the principal place anabolic processes related to the recovery of the immune, nervous, musculoskeletal system. Sleep is food and water to the mind, so as careful about what we eat, so we must make sure that you provide the highest quality rest for the brain and body.

Positions for Sleeping

People are unique in the animal world, carrying out their daily work face perpendicular to the ground backbone. Have you note the position in which you sleep? And did you know that it is essential whether you will feel rested after sleep? Whether sleep will cure your aches or will worsen depends on the position in which you place your body in the time when you sleep.

So, how to sleep, in order to provide maximum body relaxation and better quality recovery?

At the back, arms along the body

  • In this position, the body as well rests. When you sleep on your back is not burdening the back and neck. The downside of this position is to increase snoring. The proper pillow can resolve this problem.


At the back, with raised hands to the head

  • Legs slightly apart, arms are upraised. This position also does not weigh down the back and is suitable if you have back problems and spine. Snoring again a problem. Furthermore, it may push some nerve endings and get numbness and pain in the arms.


     On your stomach

  • Sleeping on your stomach improves digestion. The disadvantage of posture is difficult breathing because your head is buried in the pillow. In most cases, people rotated his head on either side, leading to tension in the neck and unpleasant pain and stiffness. Sleeping on your stomach can lead you and back pain.


Pose embryo

  • In this position, you turned to one side, the legs are maximum approached the body. This may be one of the most comfortable positions and is preferred by most people, but it quite straining your back and neck. The great contraction of the body you may want to take a deep breath. But if you have problems with snoring, this posture can help.


  • On one side, hands Body

The body is stretched and turned to one side, his hands tightly to it. In this position, your body rest and not be burdened strong backbone. If you sleep in this way, in the morning you will be rested and will not have the feeling that a moment ago you closed your eyes. Cons posture comes from the influence of gravity on your skin, as well as indigestion.


  • In the side

Lying position is better to put a pillow between your knees, otherwise, the leg that is on top, often forming twisting of the pelvis, causing discomfort in the lumbar spine. Moreover, this practice proved useful for granting the tension that builds up in twisting the upper leg.

  • Do not leave your feet hanging below the head while sleeping, as well adrenaline continues to be secreted in greater amounts and recovery is hindered.


  • Cling cushion

Pain in the body and waist can be reduced if you use a small pillow to put between your legs and stomach. Embracing it with one hand will save and unpleasant tingling.


Experimenting with different sleep positions won’t do any harm for you. Feel free to try a different position for a few nights and see which is the best for you. No matter whether it’s back, side, or stomach, people tend to wake up in the position that their bodies naturally snooze in.





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