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How to survive in the hot summer nights without air conditioning?

When you think of summer, almost always think of picnics, days on the beach and delicious cold drink with lots of ice. But the hot weather has an unpleasant side. We're talking about real hot days when intense heat and humidity make it impossible even to sit comfortably, let alone sleep at night. The obvious solution for calm, cool and full of dreams Nights is the air conditioner. Survival in the hot summer months without air conditioning seems almost impossible, but on the other hand, our grandparents have done it all the time!

Tips to survive:

1. Select cotton blankets

Leave the covers of silk, satin or polyester for a cooler night. Linen lightweight cotton will allow your skin to breathe and thus will feel cool while you sleep.


2. Select the appropriate sleepwear

Some people believe that sleeping without clothes cool them, while others sweat thus remains in the body instead of being asked by the fabric. If you're the latter advise you to choose a nightgown or pajamas of cotton, which is sufficiently free.


3. Consider your pillow

Look for special cooling pillows that will help you master the heat. The high-tech production allows them to cool your whole body, not just the top.


4. Hydrated is

Remember to drink a glass of cold water before going to bed. The night heat and tumbling into bed in search of a cool place dehydrate your body and make you feel even hotter.

5. Sleep low

The hot air is lighter than cold and rises, so we advise you to place the bed (or hammock) to as low as possible to beat the heat. Or even lie down on the floor. And if your home is on several floors, it is surely best to sleep on the bottom.


6. Shut off the lights

Light bulbs emit heat which is not as small as you think. Enjoy a long day and do not turn the lights during this time.


7. Stay away from the oven

Summer is the time in which to cook fancy dishes that require staying a long time in front of the stove. Prepare meals that do not require heat treatment, since even the shortest of the oven can raise the temperature of the entire house. Konsumirayte light and small portions of food. The best choices are fruits and salads.


8. Cool feet

The feet are very sensitive to temperature, so to cool your whole body, you can put your feet in cold water before going to bed.


9. Sleep in posture

Sleeping alone is much better than cuddling when looking to cool off. Embrace with a partner increases the dissipation of body heat. The most refreshing is the posture 'spread eagle "- with widespread arms and legs. Thus blood will circulate freely throughout your body and no sweating.


10. Select a suitable mattress

If you are going to replace your mattress, choose one that is made of bamboo or other natural materials. Maybe not as comfortable as those of foam or latex, but at least they do not retain heat and allow you to sleep in the coolness.

11. Open your windows.

 An hour before bedtime, open the windows in the room to increase air circulation and cool down the room. However, you should close the windows before you fall asleep to avoid heating up the room with air during the night.

  • Mist your face and neck with a spray bottle. If you wake up during the night due to heat, take a spray bottle and fill it with cold water. Mist your face and neck to cool down.

And seemingly paradoxical advice - do not lie down to sleep too early. In the heat, it is best to bed later than usual, because the brief but effective sleep "works" much better than long. If you do enough rest at night, the best nap 15-20 minutes during the day.





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