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Interesting facts about sleep

The word "dream" comes from the old European word "sleb", which literally means "to be weak, slow". Sleeping is a condition inherent in all mammals. Dreams are usually considered a series of images, feelings, sounds and colors that appear at a time when the body is asleep. Sleeping and dreaming are two vital processes for the survival of both humans and mammals.


Facts about sleep:

  1. Dreams are symbolic.
  2. Five minutes after sleep one forgets 50% of its content, and ten minutes later forget 90%.
  3. The birth of a child means an average of seven hundred hours lost sleep for parents in the first year after birth.
  4. We can only dream persons we have already seen.
  5. Women suffer from insomnia almost 2 times more than men.
  6. During sleep, the body is paralyzed.
  7. The role of dreams is not yet known.
  8. Nightmares are common in children.
  9. The hearing is the only sense that remains awake to watch for our security during sleep.
  10. We dream only what we have seen.
  11. The longest period of wakefulness - 18 days and 21 hours - was set during the race the longest stay on the rocking chair.
  12. People who do not dream often suffer from mental illness.
  13. A study conducted over a period of six years shows that people who sleep 6-7 hours a day, mortality was lower than in those who sleep eight hours.
  14. Those who quit smoking are more intense and vivid dreams
  15. All people dream.
  16. Hypnophobia is a disease in which a person is afraid to sleep.
  17. For his entire life dreaming man average of 6 years.
  18. Some teach women to sleep an hour more than men because otherwise, the long term is more susceptible to depression.
  19. In the already dysfunctional prisons and camps, torture method deprivation (sleep deprivation) were the most effective method of confession.
  20. An adult bedbug can live to bed without food for almost a year.
  21. Only in the US each year are more than 100,000 automobile accidents due to drowsiness behind the wheel.
  22. Newborn babies do not dream dreams associated with them.
  23. When you sleep deeply, our breathing, our heart rate, and blood pressure are reaching their lowest levels of the day.
  24. When a person snores, not dreaming.
  25. Animals also dream.
  26. 65% of Americans are prone to losing sleep because of stress.
  27. In 2004, the US are issued 35 million prescriptions for hypnotics  
  28. Men and women dream differently. Men tend to dream more about other men. About 70% of the characters in the dream husband are other men. On the other hand, the dream of a woman contains the almost equal number of men and women. In addition, men generally have more aggressive emotions in their dreams than women.
  29. The effect of 17 hours sleep is equivalent to the effect of 0,05 per mille alcohol in the blood - you will be in the same condition as if you drank alcohol.
  30. The most common emotion that we experience in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones.
  31. The brain waves are more active during sleep than in reality.
  32. Not all dreaming color.
  33. Due to the "siesta" Spaniards sleep at night by an average of 40 minutes less than the Europeans.
  34. Due to lack of sleep, puppies die within 4-5 days, despite the efforts and good care.
  35. In a survey, it was found that between 18-38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive dream and 70% experienced déjà vu. Furthermore, 63-98% people believe that it's possible to have a precognitive dream.  


So you need to sleep every day and sleeping is so important to you that lacking it could shorten your life. If you can take care of your dream, you can take care of your health.





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