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Marriage bed

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed is kept undefiled. Bedroom and especially family bed should be protected from prying eyes. Aliens may wittingly or unwittingly destroy the fragile harmony of your negative emotions: envy, jealousy, memories of his own bad experience of marriage.

Violations of fundamental rights promise misunderstanding and conflicts, cooling and even treason. The most important thing is the lack of access to outside visitors, including relatives. The fewer people who see the bedroom, the better family atmosphere.

Firstly, the newlyweds should purchase a new furniture for sleeping, mattress, blanket, linens, pillows and other accessories a little bit after the wedding.  All purchases should be made together. For example ideal mattress - solid, not divided into two halves;

Secondly, the newlyweds should sit down the bed and, moreover, lie down on it.

The husband and wife who followed the advice, signs of promise a long and happy life together, healthy offspring. A bed with a rectangular back, increase sexual interest in a permanent partner. Newlyweds often choose a wooden bed with a rectangular high back. Energy tree brings the atmosphere of a young family a touch of romance, and will also help young people to develop, to improve their well-being and beget offspring without problems.

Feng Shui for happiness in the marriage bed

Bedroom feng shui is very important to ensure not just a good night's sleep but also that your finances remain protected. The windows and beds shouldn't be near. One if the most important rules is to avoid placing your bed in front of or underneath a window. According to feng shui  this type of position can also have negative effects on your personal health.

Many people believe that after marriage, family happiness is guaranteed. Sometimes, however, the opposite of "And they lived happily ever after ..." A marriage is never successful if the couple is not necessary efforts for this. This can be very simple - just by following feng shui recommendations:

  1. Discard any artificial flowers from his bedroom as they negatively affect conjugal life.
  2. If your bedroom is without windows, this is one of the reasons we have problems in your spouse
  3. The bedroom should not have too many corners.
  4. All items triangular are not recommended for the room in which your marital bed.
  5. Bed in the bedroom should not be under the window.
  6. The WC-room should be in front of your bed.
  7. Bedroom advised walls and wallpaper in dark colors
  8. Your bedroom should not be above the garage.
  9. Do not adorn the walls with paintings with running water.
  10. If you break the mirror on the dresser, immediately replace it with new.

Some interesting facts about the marriage bed:

Composer Rossini so loved the bed that if one typed page notes fell to the ground he preferred to write it again than to bend down and pick her up. Alexander the Great did governs public affairs reclining on a bed of solid gold and Churchill wrote in his bed most of his monumental work "History of the Second World War."

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled!





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