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Mattress Topper – Buying Guide

Mattress toppers look very similar to a thin regular mattress, designed to be placed between your mattress and fitted sheets in order to provide extra cushion and make you rest better during the night. People manifested interest for this kind of bedding accessories so the industry developed a large range of products, each having distinct features to assure fulfilling each of the customers’ needs.


Usually, a mattress topper works for fixing a mistake. You’ll see in a moment why. Sometimes we might just make the wrong choice when buying a mattress, because you can get lost in all their descriptions and you can’t be sure which one is exactly made for you. You go through reviews and listen to recommendations of other people that chose a specific type that might be suited for them, but not for you. Not doing any sort of research is also bad because you have to know the basic characteristics that you need to look into and not just decide on the spot because you will find yourself stuck with an uncomfortable mattress that will only do you harm.


Luckily, mattress toppers are pretty thick and might solve easily a problem that your mattress has. They might just be a great and fast solution because it doesn’t come handy to buy a new one that often. Toppers have a fair warranty, providing durability for many years. Certainly, there are different types of toppers that suit each of the situations presented below:


Your mattress is uncomfortable

Innerspring mattresses or sea grass mattresses tend to be really firm, causing a lot of pain especially to your back, but it might also cause the formation of pressure points that will really harm you later.


Memory foam mattress topper: they do not cause bed sores and allow great circulation and support for your body lines. You can drown in them until one certain point where they provide support but this way, different areas of your body stay at their needed level. Their temperature-sensitive material contracts more where the body is warmer, but stays firmer where the body is cooler.


Down mattress topper: Extra softness and comfort can be achieved with this type of topper for they are extremely light and comfortable.


Your mattress has bad quilting

Temperature is very important while you sleep. If this part goes wrong, you might have to wake up a lot because you got hot and your bed is wet from your sweat. Sometimes, as great as the interiors may be, mattresses have bad quality quilting that makes you uncomfortable.


Organic: pick anything that is organic: cotton, latex, wool, they all do a great job in offering amazing thermoregulation and keep you warm and cozy, without the risk of overheating. These materials are permeable to air and by this, they do not allow formation of moisture environments.


If you are really happy with your magical sleeping place, you should also consider any kind of topper that you like, made of the same materials as your mattress. Toppers provide great protection, much more than regular sheets do because they work as a barrier for any kind of dust mites, allergens, pealed skin or stains. The covers play the most important part in this case: waterproof top or organic materials such as cotton or latex do their job very well.


All in all, keep in your mind that you have nothing to lose by buying a topper, because your money will only be an investment in a better sleep, which will have benefic effects in all your days for the next years.





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