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Recipes for a good start to the day

Every day, the alarm rings and even with rising you ask ‘’Oh, again!?! ... how I want to stay in my bed''. There isn’t a person who has not asked themselves the question ‘’How to make my day better?’’.

We look at things from another angle. Every day is a new beginning. So we have collected several ‘‘recipes '' for a good start to the day no matter if it is beginning or end of the week.

Recipe 1

Everything starts from the evening. Decide how much time you need to get the sleep remembering that the adults  need about 8 hours of sleep, to be productive on the next day. Set your alarm with a pleasant and relaxing tone. The alarm should not be stronger because it causes stress on your body.

Recipe 2

After you wake up, get right out of bed without lying. Open the window. Let sunlight penetrate into your room. Listen to the sound of birds. Music engages the senses in a positive way. Stretch your arms and legs, breathe deeply the fresh air. Do you feel how slowly waking up? Your brain is filled with oxygen. The body begins to function at a faster pace.

Recipe 3

Do exercise before breakfast

The exercises awaken the body. Muscles are moving. Do each exercise with a smile. It fills you with positive energy. For example, doing 15 minutes of yoga is beneficial to the health and predisposes the body and mind for the coming day. This may sound strange, but you will feel that you have fun this way.

Recipe 4

Make your healthy breakfast. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Eating foods rich in carbohydrates provides the body needed its energy for the day. Here are some foods and drinks that will help for a successful start to the day: yogurt, muesli, apples, eggs, olives, nuts, coffee, orange juice, lemon, grapefruit or mix. If you do not skip the most important meal, it may help you lead a healthier and happier life!

Recipe 5

Write down the tasks for the day (shopping, cooking, reviewing e-mails in the office, entertainment) starting from the most important. Properly structured agenda leads to its full implementation, as well as personal satisfaction. Do something inspiring, something that you wanted for a long time. Take some time to read that book that you did not have time, call an old friend, go to the cinema.

Recipe 6

Go to work, smiling. Greet your colleagues, thank the person who you held the door or friend for company. In this way you will be more satisfied with yourself and will charge positively both you and your interlocutor. Doing what you deep down think is the right thing will make you feel good. Give everything in the workplace. This leads to internal satisfaction from work. And if someone annoyed you just count to 10 and think of something pleasant. You need to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger. Remember that all evil is for good.

Recipe 7

Learn something new every day. The day that you have not learned anything new is a wasted day. Start learning a new language, start to cook and learn new recipes, learn to draw. Regardless of what you learn, it will raise your confidence significantly.


Recipe 8

All your free time you should spend with your family and friends. Just because we go home for them and we live for.  Enjoy every moment with them.


Recipe 9

Make an analysis of your day. Also, you can write anything experienced by you in the diary. Think of what you have succeeded and what you could not do. If you do not think every day is a good day, just try to change something.

Life is beautiful and amazing. And you have to come another day. And it starts in the morning. And it is necessary that the morning was good, well, or at least ... tolerable. Think about the good, and it will come to you!





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