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Rules for good sleep

Тhousands of people worldwide are afflicted with insomnia and a good sleep is important for health, youth, and beauty of the human body. Fatigue is a natural human condition that occurs after a tough day and only the strong and deep sleep will get rid of it. Insufficient sleep will make us look in the mirror in the morning sad sight. Sleepless nights are paying off with swelling under the eyes. If sleep deprivation becomes a batch process, then one by one emerge all sorts of problems - eye circles, cellulite, paleness, decreased immunity, irritability, inattention, extreme exhaustion. In other words, anything that causes premature aging and unpleasant appearance.


The healthy dream is a precondition for a good health and calmness. Unfortunately, it stays a dream for many people. But there are some simple rules, which can help us to sleep “like a baby”.



Make a schedule for bath and stick strictly to it. And in no case do not sleep till late on the weekends. If you oversleep at Saturday or Sunday, you will bring yourself the so-called Sunday insomnia. Instead of that, go to sleep and get up approximately at the same time every day. According to doctors, if you impose yourself this kind of regime, you will not need to use an alarm.


Limit your food

Don’t eat and don’t drink too much before bedtime. Eat something lightly for dinner about 2 hours before going to sleep. If you drink too many liquids before bedtime, you will wake up periodically during the night for visiting the toilet. Do not eat fat food or with too many spices. They can bring you palpitation which can break your dream. Forget completely for alcohol, it can make you wake up periodically during the night or to snore.


Do not smoke

Try to avoid drinking coffee and drinks which contain caffeine, also smoking before going to bed. Nicotine and caffeine are stimulants which keep us more awake. Expect everything else, smoking in the bed could be dangerous and it could cause a fire. Caffeine should be avoided eight hours before your bedtime.


Do some sports

If you try to learn to sleep better, the best way is to do some sports in the afternoon. Program of regular physical exercises improves the quality of the midnight dream.


Sleep in chilly conditions

Lightly cold room is perfect for a dream. This imitates your inside temperature which lowers during a dream. That’s why you should stop the heating. This not only improves your sleep, but you will save money from heating. If you get cold, put on the extra coverlet. Try to sleep with warmer pajamas and wearing socks. If you get too hot, wear lighter pajamas and cover only with a sheet. Use the air conditioner to support the room calmly. Signals for the testiness of the air are irritations like a sore throat, bleeding nose or dry mouth.


Sleep through the night

Sleep only during the night. Daily naps steal hours from your deep sleep through the night. Limit your daily nap to under an hour and before 3 o’clock afternoon. If you work in the nights, keep curtains closed so the daylight which determines your inside clock, not to awaken you. But if you sleep during the night but you have problems with the waking up part , try to hold the curtains closed so the sun can't wake you up.

Some things just require being done with persistence and confidence to work. To look good in the morning, you need to ensure your normal sleep, which has a tonic effect on the body and is important for youth and beauty.





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