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Sleep Disorders – Symptoms And Treatment

Sleeping problems are very common and for sure you have experienced them during your lifetime. In most of the cases, your sleeping issues were caused by stress, which is the primary reason for not having a restful sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, this could affect you in the long term, especially it can seriously affect your health.


Here you can find an informative article related to sleeping disorders, which are their symptoms and how they could be treated.


The difference between sleeping issues and sleeping disorders

As we previously shown, sleeping problems are quite common, while the sleep disorder is considered actually a medical condition that requires treatment.



In general terms, insomnia means the inability to sleep at night due to several reasons like stress, a medical condition, medicines, alcohol or even caffeine. Insomnia is considered one of the most common sleep disorders, and it can be even determined by a mental issue. One of the first things that you can do in order to overcome insomnia is to relax deeply and develop healthy sleep habits.


Circadian rhythm sleep disorder

Another sleep disorder is related to the circadian rhythm, which is defined as being our internal biological clock. The circadian rhythm is influenced by the light, which determines the brain to wake up. During the night, the brain produces melatonin, the hormone of sleep. The problems may occur when the circadian rhythm is unbalanced and you start to feel sleepy at inappropriate hours.


Sleep apnea

Another sleep disorder is considered sleep apnea. People who suffer from sleep apnea are experiencing temporary stops in their breathing; these interruptions are very uncomfortable because they make you stay awake during the night and you might feel totally exhausted the next morning. Sleep apnea is very serious and for this reason, we recommend you to see a doctor if you experience the symptoms.


Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

This syndrome can cause a continuous movement of your legs during the night and it determines you to make unwanted moves during the night, stopping you from getting a restful sleep.


Probably the worst sleep disorder is narcolepsy; this condition determines you to sleep excessively during the day. The negative aspect is that this may occur in any situation, even if you are working or doing anything else.


How can you improve your sleeping problems?

Serious sleeping disorders are requiring medical advice from a specialist, but there are some that can be improved by yourself. One of the first things that you can do is to check which are the symptoms.


Set a healthy sleeping routine

In order to improve the overall quality of your sleep, you should set some healthy habits that will help. For instance, you can start doing more exercises. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed.


The role of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can improve your sleeping problems in a great way, especially when traveling in different zones. It would be best if they can be used for short periods of time because they can develop dependance. Sleeping pills must be seen as a temporary solution and not an actual treatment. For instance, insomnia can’t be treated with sleeping pills.


Call a sleeping specialist

If all these methods for improving your sleep are not effective, you should probably seek a medical advice. Only a doctor can or sleep specialist can determine what is the root of your sleeping problems or disorders.



Currently, any sleep problems can be ameliorated through medical care and treatment. If you are having many sleepless nights, your breath stops often while asleep or you have symptoms similar to the ones expose before, we recommend you to consult a doctor who will help you to overcome all these problems.





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