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Useful Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Probably the most important thing about sleep is quality instead of quantity. Sometimes you feel fully refreshed after a short nap of 20 minutes, rather than an 8-hour sleep during the night. Ultimately, what is decisive is the way you wake up in the morning. If you wake up more tired, then you should find some ways to improve your sleep. The first thing you can do is to set some healthy sleeping habits and to change your lifestyle choices. If you experience the following tips you will feel more rested, balanced and more productive during the day.


Check your internal clock

Every person has a different internal sleep-wake cycle; you have probably seen that some people are not morning persons at all – this is due to their circadian rhythm that makes them sleep more hours in the morning. By knowing what is your internal clock you will know what to improve when it comes to sleep. For instance, you will manage to keep track on the hours needed to get a proper rest and you will wake up more refreshed and productive.


Turn off the light when sleeping

The hormone of sleep – melatonin is influenced by the light exposure and it is important especially because it regulates your circadian rhythm. One of the most interesting facts about melatonin it’s produced when it’s dark and for this reason, before going to sleep, make sure you are turning off the lights. Otherwise, you will not be able to sleep properly.


Do more exercises

Exercising is good for the overall improvement of your health and sleep makes no exception. In most of the cases, if you exercise often you will be able to get better sleep and you will feel energized throughout the entire day. Furthermore, exercises are a great way to ameliorate the symptoms of insomnia or other sleep disorders. In other words, in order to get a better sleep, try to exercise more often and soon you will see the positive results: your metabolism will speed up. We recommend you to go exercising in the morning or in the afternoon, because sometimes if you go in the evening you might not sleep properly.


Monitoring what you eat and drink

Being smart on what you consume is another useful way to improve the overall quality of your sleep. If you are a heavy caffeine or nicotine consumer, try to reduce these as much as possible. For instance, if you are a coffee drinker try to reduce it to a single cup per day; try not to drink coffee after 2 pm because the level of caffeine can interfere with your sleep. When it comes to eating, try not to eat large dinners before sleep; this may cause you some stomach issues. Also, try not to drink too much. You will be forced to go to the bathroom several times in the night and this will affect your sleep.

Relaxation is the key

Besides these tips mentioned above, you should also do one important thing: relax. Clear your mind from negative thoughts and worries and try to get the best sleep that you can.


Create the best sleep environment

Set a healthy and peaceful bedtime routine. Improve the quality of your bedroom by purchasing relaxing candles, essential oils and comfortable pillows; in this way your brain will receive a powerful signal that it needs to shut down for a while. These can changes can be a big improvement for the quality of your sleep.


Create a checklist and make sure you follow it

Use this checklist to track your progress using these self-help tips to improve your sleep. Compare how well you sleep on days when you make lots of ticks on the checklist to those when you make few or none.

If you follow these tips make sure you will also create a checklist in order for you to track the progress that you have made. In this way, you will see in which days you got a restful sleep and in which days you were tired and what improvements can be made.


What are your top 3 tips for a better sleep?





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