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What are the Mattresses around the world?

Archaeologists announced that are found in South Africa's oldest mattress in the world.

It consists of layers of reeds. The mattress was made of compressed grass and leafy plants. These beds were discovered in the cave Sibudu in KwaZulu-Natal and date back 70,000 years. Packed layers of fossil plants excavated from sediments at a depth of 3 meters indicate that the beds are periodical burns to eradicate pests and trash. In the mattress was opened vegetation repelling insects. Researchers believe that ancient people were added to the top layer of greenery insect repellent thus unprotected by the bites of flies and mosquitoes. This coating of green may represent the earliest use of medicinal Plants by humans. Leaves from the tree Cryptocarya woodie that grows along the River Wild-Quince, they are a healing plant which produces and emits chemical killing insects. Found evidence that the cave where they found prehistoric mattresses have been bred lice and bedbugs.

Comfortable bedding for the whole family.

The mattresses were a thickness of 30 cm. And were quite comfortable for those years. The mattresses were measuring 2 m2 and the beds were big enough to accommodate all prehistoric family.

Types of Mattresses

Mattresses spring

Type Bonnell - cores of these mattresses are composed of springs conex shape constricted in the middle and connected by a wire. The quality of this type of mattresses is dependent on the number of springs, the thickness and the height of each spring and from this with what wire is made .

Pocket Type - This system means Springs of cylindrical shape packed in textile pockets and separated from one another in order to avoid friction between them and the creation of noise. Typical of mattresses pocket type is that each spring individually bear part of the pressure of the human body.

Foam mattresses

Polyurethane foam - characterized by the production method comprising GIVING AN INJECTION compressed air into the gelatinous material to form a foam filled with bubbles and then treated with creatives and stabilizers to form homogeneous.

Foam latest generation Last updated feature is high and resistance to deformation. Also, the core is composed of different zones of hardness and adaptability for each area of ​​the body, multiple channels for ventilation and even each country with different hardness.


The latex is produced from resin wood called Hevea Brasiliensis, which grows primarily in Asia. A good latex mattress must have five or more comfort zones to allow for proper adaptation to the body, they must also have antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Memory foam

Material Memory Foam consists of open cells and allows good air circulation. It is recommended for people with back problems and muscle. This is a material which adapts to the body, reducing pressure points, which enables a uniform break all areas helps to keep the spine aligned and promotes the circulation.


Gel mattresses are designed for people who sweat at night. Most commonly the gel is combined with the memory foam. The gel gives a cooling effect without losing the comfort of memory foam. Gel mattresses are made of gel columns placed side by side on the surface of the mattress.

While traditional memory foam mattresses can leave you too warm and uncomfortable in the night, iGel mattresses adjust with your body temperature to ensure you’re never too hot or cold.

Waterbeds became hugely popular. The invention bed was designed to ease pressure points and provide warming relief from aches and pains.

Something special

Unique bed - bed made of gold - to make a unique double bed was spent 107 kg 24 karat gold! The wooden base is made of chestnut, cherry, and ash. Then it was covered and polished with a special lacquer and adorned with gold ornaments.





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