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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

Dо you know that your relationships with people and your mood during the day tied with it in what position you sleep at night? Also, the way you position your body during sleep, your character issue.


The Freefall (Sleeping on your stomach with your hands around the pillow and head lying on one side)

This position is very useful for stomach and digestion, if you sleep so, your digestive system is well developed. People who sleep in this position are extroverted and arrogant. Often they offend and take criticism too personally. Quickly get nervous.


The Fetus (Bent to one side)

This position is one of the most common. 41 percent of 1,000 people practice it. If you sleep thus, avoid sleep left. So overwhelmed many organs such as stomach, liver, lungs ... so turn around and sleep on the right, so will not interfere with your body. This position issues that you have a difficult character, uncommunicative are very sensitive and emotional. It will take time until closer to people who sleep in this position.


The Log (Sleep stretched out like a tree to one side with arms at your sides)

Keep your spine erect, thus reducing back pain and walk upright. People who sleep well are very social and easily communicate with others. The problem is that they are very trusting and easy to deceive.


The Yearner (on one side with both hands in the upper body)

This position helps with sleep problems. If you suffer from insomnia this position is perfect for you if you have not got to insomnia or a clinical case of insomnia. People sleeping in this position are open to the world, and always ready for new things slightly suspicious and cynical. Difficult to make decisions, it takes them a long time, but take a solution is emphatical.


The Soldier (Lying on your back with both hands to the body)

According to a survey, this position can lead to snoring, which damages unless the sleeper, but the people around him. Sleeping like a soldier, practiced by people who are quiet and calm. Do not create problems and not make mountains out of molehills.


The Starfish (Sleep on your back with your hands above your head)

This position is useful for back and body, the problem is that there is a risk of snoring, of course, depends on the weight of the person and his lifestyle. Starfish is preferred by people who are good listeners and good friends. They love to help and do not want to be popular, shying away from the spotlight.


How your sleep position may affect how you feel?

For some, getting a good night's sleep is easy, while for others, it is very difficult, even with the help of some means.


Sleeping on your back

Pros: This is great for spine and neck because the back is straight. The mattress is designed for sleeping on his back, so he is used to its full potential. Sleeping all night face up leads to fewer wrinkles over time.

Cons: Causes snoring. Support of the spine do not always lead to the best night's sleep and study has shown that people who do not sleep better have indicated that sleep on their backs.


Sleeping on his side

Pros: Sleeping on your left side during pregnancy is good for both mother and baby because it takes the pressure back. Sleeping on one side also can relieve acid reflux and heartburn.

Cons: Sleeping on one side can put pressure on the stomach and lungs, but alternating countries can prevent this. Such a position may lead to numbness in hands, because of limited movement of blood.


Sleeping on your stomach

Pros: This alleviates snoring, and some cases of sleep apnea.

Cons: This is known as the worst position to sleep. Leads to back pain and neck loads.





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