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What is the best temperature in our bedroom?

The sleep of a man influenced many factors - such as equitable distribution of the day, favorable environment, proper nutrition. But there is another factor which for many is determining whether sleep well or not - properly selected temperature in the room. Sleep is one of the most frustrating activities in many people’s lives. Not getting enough affects mood and has long-term health consequences. Most people do not know what temperature to keep in their room while they sleep. In this respect allowed a lot of mistakes, the problem is mainly that make the bedroom too warm. At least ⅔ of the people, it turns out that sleeping in a room that is much warmer than recommended for our health.

The body temperature must also be lowered for sound sleep and sleep more easily. The reason is that if it is too warm, the brain can quickly go from awake to rest because you first need to cool down. Fast and relaxing way to lower the internal temperature is hot shower or bath before bedtime, because after the heating body is cooled more rapidly.

What should be the ideal temperature in the bedroom?

Experts agree that the ideal temperature in the bedroom should be between 18 and 22 degrees. It is believed that under these conditions the human body works optimally, managing to quality rest and recuperate. At this temperature, sleep is the most complete and regenerating. At lower temperatures than 18 degrees body is forced to intensively tries to maintain its temperature. At a temperature of over 22 degrees in the room, the room gets warmer than necessary and the body gradually begins to load from the heat. Sometimes the too warm room can cause unpleasant side sensations, such as feelings of anxiety that occurs because your body wants to cool down, but that he attaches difficult. A similar feeling can occur at the height of summer when the hot weather begins to tire the body.

This is the healthiest air temperature

Temperature between 18 and 22 degrees is not only suitable for sleeping but is most appropriate and healthy ambient temperature when we are awake. Our bodies react very well to such a temperature, which explains why it is recommended for rearing children in a healthy and pleasant environment.

When treating insomnia patients, sleep experts will often ask about room temperature and advise patients who set their thermostat to 70 or 72 degrees to drop it. For people who live in hot climates and don’t have air conditioning, we recommend minimal bed clothes, a light bed cover, and open windows.

If your feet are cold, putting on socks keeps the body from losing heat. But if you’re too hot, try sticking your hands and feet out from under the covers. People’s bodies naturally try to lose heat from the extremities during sleep.

Be wary of memory foam pillows, which feel good because they conform closely to your body shape -- but may make you too hot.

Irregular or inadequate sleep is one of the battles of modern man stressed. Contributing to this has the wrong setting thermostats, scientists are clear. The temperature in the bedroom is even more problematic in pairs. As a rule, women prefer more heat, the men - less. Although not yet studied in depth this aspect, businesses have long exploited this feature, for example by producing mattresses with different zones of heating, electric blankets and pillows in stages with cooling gel.





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