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What our dreams mean?

Similar things happen to everyone. You spent a wonderful day and our wedge, our sleeves are nightmares. You adore your spouse and treacherous dream sex with another man or another woman.

Or even without ever believe in such things, secretly enjoy or highly worrying, dreaming sleep, which traditionally kicks happiness or trouble.

As scientists say, dreams rarely mean what you dreamed, and even more rarely prophetic. The famous Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung, his years working analyzed over 20,000 dreams and came to the conclusion that they are the key to our subconscious.

In the right approach by dreams can extract critical information and even adjust own life. The main thing is to perceive not literally, but symbolically. They are full of metaphors that correspond to different aspects of your personality and suggest what needs to be addressed immediately.

And  remember that the content of dreams may depend on many factors, even posture while sleeping. For example, a study from 2004 showed that people who sleep on their left hand more often nightmares of those who are used to sleeping on his right.

If you regularly dreaming the same nightmare

In life we have to experience a lot of negative emotions and the strongest shocks seemed to be "absorbed" with time are obtained psychological trauma. The human brain is designed so as to keep negative experience rather than dispose of it.

Recurrent nightmares are a signal that it's time to pay attention to the problem, otherwise it will deepen further.

If you dream ex-partner

A particular familiar person you dream most often is not himself, but something inside yourself that is associated with that person.

To find out what may be this, ask yourself what it means to you, what qualities possess what most remind you of? Let's say - your former partner was too "closed" means seeing him in a dream, you have to look at the Thai trait in himself - maybe it's time to change something?

If you dream death

Remember the dreams of pregnancy? Death dream should be treated in the same way as the birth of a new life. In this case, the dream symbolizes that an aspect of our Self, something that was within us no longer serve us, dying and we begin to move in a new direction. In the reality of such a thing can indicate a variety of situations - dismissal, removal or painful process of separation, causing a feeling of sadness.

Overall, dreams of death have dreams about what rid of him.

School or work

Most often these dreams are alarming - exam or meeting and you're not ready; all have gathered, and you're late; classmates or colleagues are skeptical about you or you do not approve, etc.

All this means only one thing - your vulnerability. Scares you thought you "break" will see who you really are, you will know about you, something you'd like to hide (not necessarily be shameful things, and your weaknesses such as lack of knowledge, uncertainty etc.).

Even if we are absolutely honest in their professional activities and dedicate everything, we continue to wear a mask and do not disclose all of its features even our friends. The thought that we can be deprived of this protection, creates a sense of vulnerability, as if we got in class in his underwear (or completely naked).

Incredible adventures

Well, these are the supreme dreams! For example, when you fly. Most often it occurs so irresistible energy during childhood. Then adventurous, limited by adult prejudices drove us to act impulsively and in fact we lived in an imaginary world.

What are those dreams? That piece of childhood preserved inside the country, undeservedly forgotten and required output. Maybe worth sometimes act impulsively and less to think over every step?

Maybe too "mature" approach to everything we stumble? Perhaps we are too concerned sunk into reality and we dumped the infantile part of himself?





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