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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You?

Body language is one of the most complex and interesting ways to communicate and we are sure that you’ve never thought about what your sleeping positions can tell about your personality. Studies have shown that there are 6 most common sleeping positions that can determine some characteristics of our personality.


What Are Your Sleeping Positions meanings?


  1. The Fetal Position

One of the most common positions is the fetal position. In this position, the person sleeps on one side with his knees bent. This position may indicate the fact that the person wants to comfort himself. People that sleep in this position are considered to be tough on the outside and emotional and sensitive on the inside. This sleep position may refer to those people who may seem shy at first, but after a while they open in front of others.


  1. Side Sleepers

This position involves lying on one side with the arms downward. It is said that people who sleep in this position are quite easy-going and that they have a trusting nature. They like to get involved in social interactions and activities and they are very active.


The negative thing for side sleepers is that in time they might experience an uncomfortable position for their head and neck; for this reason, these people should look for a comfortable and soft pillow that can support their position.


  1. The Yearner

The yearner position is a position quite similar to the fetal position, with some differences. This sleeper usually has his knees slightly bent and his head also slightly turned away from the center of the pillow. The arms have the postion like they want to reach for something. It is considered that a person who sleeps this way has an open nature and he or she might be in some situations a little bit suspicious or even cynical. These types of people are slow when it comes to make decisions because they like to take the best one.


  1. The Soldier

Other position is the soldier position. This position is for a person who sleeps on her back with her arms down, next to her body. This position reflects a person who is quiet and reserved and that can might have some great expectations when it comes to others. In some cases, people who sleep on their back are prone to sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Nevertheless, this positions is considered to be the best, especially if you are suffering from back pain.

  1. Freefall

The freefall position is when you sleep on your stomach with your head turned on one side. It is considered that a person who sleeps in this position is an extrovert, who enjoys the company of others. This type of person does not cope well with problems and he or she tries to stay away from critics as much as possible.


This position may not be the best one for your back, because your spine receives a little support; we recommend you to put a comfortable pillow under your belly in order to relieve the pressure points on your spine.


  1. The Starfish

The starfish position happens when you sleep on your back with your hands and legs spread out, just like a starfish. It is said that people who sleep in this position make good friends because they are always willing to help others regardless of the situation.


Regardless of your sleep position, in the end what matters most is how much you can rest and how comfortable is your sleeping place. Personality traits may improve with time, but the lack of sleep can affect you in the present.





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