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What's The Best Mattress For A Bad Back?

If you are one of those people who is searching for the best mattress for back pain, you’ve landed in the right place. While this may be a burden at some point, there are certain types of mattresses that you can check when it comes to support and back pain relief.

How can a mattress be bad for your back?

One of the reasons that makes a mattress to be bad for your back is a hard firmness. If you are sleeping on a very firm mattress you may experience soreness and back pain in the morning.


Another reason for back pain is sagging, which makes your mattress to sink every time you lay down; this creates a difficult posture for your spine, which is not aligned properly. In this case, you should seek a comfortable mattress that can help you to relieve pain and sleep better at night.

Which type of mattress is best for back pain?

As mentioned before, an unsupportive or a too firm mattress can do a lot of harm to your back. Reviews have shown that memory foam mattress is considered the best for back pain relief, because it adjusts to the natural alignment of the spine and it conforms to the body shape of the sleeper. The comfort and breathability of a memory foam mattress makes it probably the best choice for back pain.


Some consumers will go with a latex mattress with good quality, that can have the same properties as a memory foam mattress. A medium-firm memory foam or latex mattress will probably be the best choices, because they avoid sinking and they give the necessary support and comfort for the parts that require it.


Nevertheless, choosing the best mattress for back pain is a matter of personal preference, but you should consider the level of support and the ability to relieve the pressure points.

What is the level of support that a mattress for back pain should have?

For many years people believed that only a firm mattress can provide the necessary amount of support, especially for those who suffered from back pain. Nowadays, studies have shown that a medium-firm mattress can relief pain better than a firm one. In other words, a medium-firm mattress is the most recommended for back pain, especially if you are a back sleeper.

How can a mattress topper help?

In most of the cases a mattress topper can increase the quality of your existing mattress, especially if you suffer from back pain. On the other hand, you should make sure that you are checking other aspects before deciding to buy one. For instance, if your existing mattress is sagging, then a mattress topper can’t help that much. Even if a mattress topper can add an extra level of comfort and support, you will not experience the advantages that a memory foam or latex mattress has to offer.


Analyzing all these benefits we can conclude the following aspects:

  •  In terms of support, a medium-firm mattress will be the best for back pain
    because your spine will be aligned naturally;  
  • When it comes to comfort, reviews have shown that consumers prefer memory foam mattresses because they have the ability to relief pressure points.

Checking all these benefits we can affirm that probably the best choice for a mattress that relieve back pain is a memory foam mattress, because it reduces your body tensions in order for you to have a great sleep.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best mattress for back pain, you should
probably consider a medium-firm memory foam mattress.





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