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Which is the perfect pillow for you?

For connoisseurs of good sleep is no secret that a good mattress is essential for a quality and healthy sleep. But we must not miss that great importance is the right choice of pillow. However, we often face a dilemma when they have to choose a new pillow because the market offers a wide variety. This can exacerbate headaches and neck and shoulder tension if you choose the wrong pillow. Store shelves and catalogs are stuffed with options.

In order to provide you with a truly comfortable and healthy sleep, good pillow must meet several requirements:

  • need to provide support to your spine in a natural position;
  • should be appropriate for your specific posture during sleep;
  • If you suffer from allergies, it must be resistant to dust mites and is made from hypoallergenic materials;
  • must be comfortable and mobile.

You can choose the right pillow for you, taking into account the following details:

1. pillow form - if you want to anatomical or classical;

2. posture during sleep.


Stomach sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then you need a soft, low, flat pillow, which is filled with silk and microfiber and which is adjusted according to your weight.


Back sleepers

Those of you who sleep on their backs need a higher medium soft pillow with the anatomic shape. The pillow should provide support for your spine, so he is a natural, curved position. If you snore while sleeping on your back, then you need a cushion against snoring.


Slide sleepers

If you prefer to sleep sideways, your body needs a higher, firmer, anatomically shaped pillow that will provide support your body in the right position.


Combination sleepers

Select a medium soft pillow of medium height with a filling that is rigid and adjustable.

  1. Type of filling

The most important part of the pillow is definitely filling her just because he provides the necessary support. For allergy sufferers is crucial to filling is resistant to dust mites.


Anatomical pillows - suitable for:

  • People who want a firm and high pillow to be able to sleep on your back or stomach;

  • People suffering from allergies or asthma.

Classic pillows - suitable for:

  • people who prefer to sleep on your stomach;

  • People suffering from allergies or asthma;

  • People who want a pillow of medium height;

  • people who like to shape the pillow as they like.

  1. Health problems

Choosing the right pillow can help to eliminate certain health problems such as neck pain.


Some expert advice:

  • Memory foam: These are popular because they reduce pressure points by continuously molding and adjusting to the shape of your body as you move at night. These pillows come in various shapes, including a popular contoured S-shape, which is meant to support the neck.

  • Latex: This is the firmest type of pillow, and it resists mold and dust mites. These pillows may also help with back and neck alignment, as they're often contoured for neck support.

  • Wool/cotton: These pillows are hypoallergenic and resist dust mites.

  • Down/feather:  A lot of experts say that these are one of the best pillows for a good night's rest.

Other types of pillows:

Water pillows: These pillows use water to create an own customized level of density.

Oxygen-promoting pillows: This pillow helped to promote circulation in diabetes patients. Also, they open the airway for expanded lung capacity during sleep for easier breathing.

Anti-snore pillows: Research showing that any particular pillow design affects on snoring. But individual patient reports, show that relief is possible in only for few people.

Positional pillows: These pillows are designed for back or stomach sleepers. Experts say that some of them can be very helpful.

Do not orient only on price when you buy a new pillow. Not always the most expensive pillow is suitable for you. The important thing is what you feel so try in the store.





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