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Who win the battle of the bed - men or women?

Sleep is an integral part of life. Its lack or insufficiency resulting in various diseases including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. While sleeping at night, the man moves two times more than during the day. If physique partner is bigger than yours, his every spin can wake you.

Naturally getting more sleep may give women advantages such as better health and a longer life, and better coping with sleep loss when necessary. Still, people generally say they are more satisfied with their sleep when they are with a loved one.


How women sleep differently than men and why it matters?


Night in the bedroom comes battlefield  for pillow, blanket and place the bed. Many of the fair sex can not sleep fully because of these trifles. To these they added partner's snoring, making sleep almost impossible. Women take longer to fall asleep. And they even spend more time in deep sleep, compared to men. Women were also more likely than men to become irritable during the day because of their sleep problems. Also, they suffer more often from insomnia, which is mainly due to the partner, which is adjacent to them. It affects a woman’s judgment, creativity and ability to realize her full potential.

Men overall say they are more satisfied with the amount and quality of their shut-eye than are women. Some researchers suggest that differences in sleep patterns could help explain why women live longer than men.

Sleep can help reinforce learning in both men and women, such as college students readying for an exam. But to absorb certain kinds of knowledge, known as perceptual learning, men needed a nap whereas women didn't.


Sleeping postures and relationships in the pair



If one partner embraces other from back then show care and concern. In such a king pair comfort and security. However, the relationship between the two is far from ideal. Most likely the relationship there is some uncertainty.



Experts in body language specifying that this embrace shows love and affection between partners. They probably have a good sex life, but one partner likes to dominate the pair.


Fight for territory

Usually striving for it to gain the majority of bed experiencing one who needs to be demonstrated, including connectivity. With raised hands above his head usually, sleep stubborn people who want to dominate the relationship and keep everything under control.



This posture prefers people who love each other but still have a problem in a relationship.


At arm's length

Partners respect the privacy of another person. Most likely, everyone has their own circle of friends, but they have boundless trust each other. An outstretched hand is ready to protect your partner and harvested in cheek hands show calmness and comfort.


Back to back

They are trying to keep their personal space, without losing contact. This posture indicates a stable and healthy relationship.



This posture indicates that something in the relationship was wrong. The lack of contact between bodies and the mere fact that they have turned their backs on each other can mean that the partners want to have more personal freedom.



If the couple sleeping in this posture, it probably can boast with a wonderful relationship. Routine and everyday problems can not sour love between partners. In such a posture sleep people who lead an active sex life, leaving her in this good friends and great partners.

Help your partner with sleep deprivation

When it comes to sleep, there’s one clear gender difference that doesn’t change with age. When sleep issues arise between sleep partners, women are the ones to drag their partner to a certified sleep doctor first.





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