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Why You Can't Sleep?

Probably you have wondered many times why you are not able to get some proper sleep at night. There are many reasons why you can’t sleep and for this reason it’s better to prevent the effects, rather than working on ameliorating them.


In this article we have prepared some useful tips that will help you to improve your sleep.


Here is our list:


Regular exercises.

Exercising on a regular basis proves to be as good for you sleep as it is to your health. Exercises makes your body release more amounts of melatonin offering you a better and more quality sleep.

Don’t eat after 7.

Your stomach stops digesting food after 9 p.m. and so if you eat something before going to sleep, your body won’t be able to digest it, making you prone to not falling asleep easily.

Don’t drink before bed

Alcohol rises the blood pressure and although it makes you  feel sleepy it actually does more harm to your nightly rest.

Reduce smoking.

Like alcohol, smoking is raising your blood pressure, and  the nicotine from cigars gives you an energy boost, not too good if you’re looking to fall asleep anytime soon.

Don’t consume caffeine after noon.

Although the effect of coffee might seem to wear off, caffeine stays in your body for up to eight hours. If you drink coffee after 2 p.m. caffeine will remain in your blood stream even when you are putting your head on the pillow.

Turn off all your electronic devices.

Your phone, tablet or laptop produce powerful bright light which make you alert and confuse your inner clock.

Turn off the sound

Don’t let any unwanted noise to invade your sleeping palace.

Set the ideal temperature of your bedroom.

Not too warm nor too hot, be sure to have an ideal temperature in the bedroom (around 65 degrees).


Reserve your bed strictly for sleeping.

Don’t stay in bed during the day or surf the internet. Your bed is made for sleeping and should be left as such.

Read before bed.

Reading helps you relax and take your mind away from the daily stressful activities.

Get a comfortable pillow.

Be sure to have the pillow that is good for your neck, to ensure you won’t wake up stiff and tired.

Buy a new mattress.

If you have an old mattress it can have mold, dust and other unwanted things. Make sure your mattress is clean and good for sleeping.

Don’t sleep with your pets

As cute as it may sound, sleeping with pets can prove to be a bad choice. They might wake you up during the night (especially if you are a cat owner).

Silence your clock.

The everlasting tick-tock is not too good for sleeping because it might keep you up with its noise.

Turn off the light in your room

This means no phone charging, no light coming from the TV (ideally you should not have a TV in your bedroom).

Regulate your circadian rhythm.

Make sure you go to bed and wake up at pretty much the same hour every day. After a while you won’t even need an alarm clock to wake you up.

Relax and meditate.

Silencing your mind might not be easy, but if you can do it, with a calm mind, you are more likely to get a good sleep.

Restrict your napping time

If you sleep more than 90 minutes you’ll confuse your inner body and make it harder to fall asleep.

Don’t use sleeping pills; only if necessary

Make sleeping pills just a temporary solution. They might have some side effects and might be habit-forming. On regular instances just use our recommendations.





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