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Are you a blogger who is passionate about health and home?   Do you own a promotional website? Joining the Chiromatic Affiliate Program is easy and requires no investment!  We offer you commissions on referral sales with potential for high volume earnings.

Join And Receive: 

No-Charge membership as one of our Affiliates.

Access to high quality products and special coupons for your readers and followers.

Unlimited earning potential.

The Chiromatic Affiliate Program Offers:

Highly competitive commissions up to 10% per transaction that are paid monthly.

Exclusive deals and coupon codes custom tailored for your selling channels.

Fantastic products backed by a full time responsive team to help you with all of your promotions.

Cookies that last for 60 days with great sell through rates and high average sale prices.

Full online reporting and digital tracking.


The mattress industry is one of the fastest growing segments of e-commerce as reported by Internet Retailer Magazine in 2016.

First, our average sale is $2,500, and it carries a commission of 10%.  Unlike ordinary commercial mattresses whose primary focus is on fabric design and merchandising, the Chiromatic Sleep System is designed and engineered by chiropractors in conjunction with our Technical Bedding Specialists to meet stringent professional chiropractic specifications.  All of our Chiromatic Mattresses are endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic Associations and we hold many patents on our technology.

Since 1977, Chiromatic has been making mattresses for back sufferers and other medical conditions, with proven results.

Our website does the work for you. We sell an incredible product that is Patented, Healthy, Endorsed, and Make in America.  We have Olympic and world-class athletes sleeping on our mattresses, as well as thousands of Chiropractors and their patients who swear by Chiromatic.At Chiromatic, we ask everyone to think intelligently about the benefits a consumer receives by dealing with a factory direct company doing business online.

Mattress stores are burdened with excessive rents, utility costs, and maintenance expenses. These costs are added into the price of their products.  Chiromatic offers a world class mattress that adjusts to any body size, shape or weight, and our technology and endorsements speak for themselves. 

This is an extraordinary program for online marketers.  Our product simply exceeds all customer expectations and our quality and service is unmatched. Just as our customers do, you will love being a part of the Chiromatic family.

Our dedicated Affiliate Team is excited to work together and support you.  We look forward to partnering and building a long term relationship with you.